DIY Arcade Cabinet – Part 1

STEM should be fun, right? And what could be more fun than an arcade! When I was a kid, my parents were part of a bowling league, and when they had a match, they would give my brother and me some money so that we could play in the arcade while they bowled. So I decided it would be neat to build my own arcade cabinet powered by a Raspberry Pi computer and RetroPie software.

The project isn’t finished yet, but here are some pics of the work in progress.

Over the years, I have collected various bits and pieces from old computers, so I have reused an old 15″ LCD monitor and some speakers. I bought the arcade controls through Amazon.

For the most part, the system, can be completely controlled from the arcade joystick and buttons. However, some of the initial setup required a keyboard, so I added a wireless Logitech keyboard with a trackpad and a small drawer for easy access.

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