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Technology and Engineering

Instruction for All Students

Give your students a competitive advantage with a 21st-century STEM education focused on Technology and Engineering.  Empower them to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and gain confidence through fun and engaging lessons in computer science, electrical engineering, 3D design, and more!

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Self-paced video lessons guide your student through projects that teach computer programming, electronic circuitry, 3D design, and more!  Designed by former teachers and software developers, our lessons are interdisciplinary, authentic, and project-based, thus allowing students to see connections with the everyday world.

For Homeschools
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Public and Private Schools

Customized STEM education solutions for your campus! More than just curricula, we partner with you to offer after-school clubs, summer camps, in-school field trips, and full courses.  Our instructors use a variety of virtual tools and techniques to give your students an interactive, real-time learning environment. Let us be the specialist you don't have on staff!

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Is your student craving more STEM instruction than is provided by their current school? A subscription to the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy provides access to hundreds of lessons that teach computer programming, electronics, 3D design, and more. It's a great way to quench your student's thirst for more STEM activities!

As Enrichment

What is STEM education?

Technology is at the center of today’s digital world.  Whether pumping gas, ordering at a fast food restaurant, checking out materials from the local library, or just driving a car, we are surrounded by high tech equipment.  Even today's smart phones and watches pack more computing power than was available to the astronauts who first landed on the moon.  Yet most of us don’t know how this sophisticated electronic gadgetry works.  Innovation depends on individuals having the 21st-century knowledge and skills necessary to engineer the machines of the future. The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy provides engaging lessons and activities that expose students to concepts in computer science and engineering, empowering them with these vital skills. 

Focused on the "T" and "E" in STEM

We prepare your student for the future with engaging lessons and activities that encourage them to analyze and simulate real-world problems then build solutions with inexpensive electronic components and computer programming. As students complete lessons in the program, they will learn concepts from computer science and engineering, allowing them to look at the world around them with curiosity for how things work. They will also engage in games that expose them to math, science, and logical reasoning, helping them develop an interest in STEM early on.

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