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We are passionate about STEM education solutions for all students. We believe all students deserve access to robust educational opportunities that prepare students for a future in STEM. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy® is to develop student interest and confidence in STEM by providing robust educational opportunities that bolster student knowledge and skills in computer science and engineering, preparing them for success in later life.


What We Do


We offer several programs to bring STEM education to public and private schools. We partner with you to create a program tailored to student interests and needs.

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Whether part of a homeschool program or as enrichment, we offer self-paced and instructor-led content for individual student needs and interests. 

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About the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy®

Robert Walsh, founder of the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy, is a former mathematics teacher who has also worked as a hardware technician, an IT director, a trainer, a programmer, a software tester, a technical writer, and a business owner. Additionally, he has presented at numerous software development and testing conferences and has had multiple articles published on these subjects. His unique blend of skills in education, technology, and business allows him to communicate effectively with people with diverse backgrounds. He is able to relate to each of them as an individual and to capitalize on each person’s specific goals and desired outcomes.

The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy takes this same approach and strives to cater its offerings to each of its participants.


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A Bit of History

In 2019, Robert recognized a disparity in access to STEM education.  As a parent and through his work as a business partner with local schools, he became aware that access to STEM education varies widely and is largely dependent on which school a student attends, whether by choice or district boundaries. This inconsistency leads to some students having a competitive advantage when applying to college and for the jobs of the future simply as a result of where they go to school.

The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy exists to help level the playing field and ensure that all students have access to quality STEM education.  The content we develop not only teaches students basic skills in computer programming, electronics, and engineering, but also gives them the chance to engage in activities to help them discover whether a future in STEM is right for them.

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