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Commit to coding with online coding activities for kids and parents alike. These self-paced projects and activities help students learn to code along with the basics of electronics.

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Blocks-based coding

Projects are presented in Scratch. This blocks-based programming language allows students to focus on the concepts and not the script. Ideal for students who are not yet proficient in reading and writing.

Self-paced curriculum 

The curriculum is presented in video-based lessons and projects that students complete at their own pace. The modules teach concepts one at a time to reduce cognitive overload. 

Interdisciplinary approach 

True STEM education requires an interdisciplinary approach. As students work their way through the projects, they will engage with subject areas like geometry, physics, biology, and the arts. 

Commit to Coding

Knowing how to program a computer is an essential literacy in the digital world. Kids and parents alike can benefit from learning how to code.

When you sign up for The Content Library, you are making a commitment to help your child learn to code. Dedicating 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for 3 years will build a foundation for your child to be proficient in computer programing and electronics. These skills are not just a competitive advantage, but a necessary 21st-century skill.

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Learning Modules

Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy offers two distinct programs in your subscription—Content Library & Content Library Jr.

Each is divided into themed modules broken up into submodules that teach important concepts in learning to code and electronics.

Content Library Jr. is designed for beginning coders and coders as young as 3rd grade.

Your child will delight in creating games in Scratch, building circuits that light up LEDs, and so much more. 

When you subscribe to the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy, you get access to both programs, along with a community of support to help your child along their coding journey. 

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Commit to helping your child learn to code with Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy. Sign up for a subscription and with 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 3 years your child will learn the fundamentals of coding and understand the relationship between computer code and the tech devices it operates. 

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