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Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy!


 The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy offers 

in-person summer camps hosted at your facility!


With our Mobile Classroom, we can bring up to 20 Raspberry Pi workstations complete with 21” monitors making us completely self-contained. All we need is access to power and (optionally) an Internet connection.  Alternatively, we can use your own computer lab.  Our summer camps are generally structured to be week-long, half-day programs with each session lasting around 3½  hours.  This makes it possible to host two sessions per day, perhaps targeting different ages or grade levels.  We can teach the same content twice, or we can teach different content in each session, thus allowing students to participate in both sessions.

The scope and content are extremely flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of those who will participate.  You can limit participation to students at your own school or open it up to members of the surrounding community.  Pricing, too, is flexible and can be structured as a profit-sharing model so that the host generates revenue from what would be otherwise unused space


Some of the summer camp programs we offer include: 

  • Game Development with Scratch, Python, or JavaScript
  • Advanced Game Development
  • General Purpose Programming in Python, Java, C++, or C#
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Let There Be Light - Basic Electronic Circuitry
  • Let's Hear It - Circuits and Sound
  • Using Sound to Measure Distance
  • Data Encryption and Cybersecurity
Robert Walsh teaching a class during a summer camp

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