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Families who homeschool their children sometimes struggle to find quality curricula, especially in specialized subject areas like computer science and engineering.  Students whose schools do not offer many courses in STEM are likewise challenged.  The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy has programs specifically designed for these students. 

A subscription to the Content Library gives your student access to self-paced lessons that teach them how to code.

Content Library Subscription

Access to the complete Content Library is available by subscription and is ideal for students ages 8—15. Students work at their own pace through modules designed to introduce them to the fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering. 

The Content Library is divided into themed modules with submodules that walk students through completing activities in Tinkercad with an Arduino, or with a Raspberry Pi using either Scratch, a blocks-based programming language, or Python, a script-based programming language.

New skills are presented one at a time. Each lesson reviews and applies concepts from previous lessons and activities, allowing students to grow into more advanced lessons by leveraging what they learned in earlier ones. This helps to strengthen existing connections while gradually incorporating new information. In this way, students' knowledge and understanding of computer programming and the relationship between electrical engineering and technology expand and evolve. 

One of the hallmarks of STEM education is its interdisciplinary approach to instruction. Solving problems in the real world requires people to integrate knowledge drawn from different content areas. Many of the lessons and activities in the Content Library reinforce concepts from core subject areas like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, and physics. The lessons also identify relevant connections to non-technical subject areas such as language arts and the social sciences.

Learning to code is ever evolving and just like learning to read, it takes time, patience, and dedication. We encourage you to take the leap with us and help your student Commit to Coding!

With a commitment to dedicate 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week, for 3 years to learning to code, your student will begin to Think Inside the Computer and understand the relationship between computer code and the electronic components it operates, giving them a distinct advantage in understanding the world around us. This foundation will set them up to be successful in any coding language and will open up opportunities in later life. 

Commit to Coding with Excalibur STEM and sign up to have full access to the lessons and activities.

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