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Families who homeschool their students sometimes struggle to find quality curricula, especially in specialized subject areas like computer science and engineering.  Students whose schools do not offer many courses in STEM are likewise challenged.  The Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy has programs specifically designed for these student groups. 

A subscription to the Content Library gives your students access to self-paced lessons that teach concepts from electronics and computer programming.  If your kids prefer learning in an interactive environment, we offer the same content in  modular online courses led by one of our instructors.

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Content Library Subscription

Access to our complete Content Library is available by subscription.  Students work at their own pace and based on their own specific interests.  We are constantly developing new content, and it automatically becomes available to subscribers when it is released.  Most projects are presented in more than one format.  For example, the same game might be implemented in multiple programming languages, or an electrical circuit could be constructed with different hardware components (including a virtual environment that requires no additional hardware).  This allows students to "grow into" more advanced lessons by leveraging what they learned in earlier ones.  Additionally, subscribers are invited to join an online community where they can converse with others, exchange ideas, ask questions, and provide tips.  We regularly host live virtual sessions for this community where our instructors answer questions or give tutorials.  Subscribers also have access to email technical support in the event the student gets stuck on a particular project.

Our content is designed to reduce cognitive overload by limiting the number of new skills or concepts introduced at one time.  We constantly review and ask students to apply concepts from previous lessons and activities.  We continue to strengthen existing connections while gradually incorporating new information.  In this way, students' knowledge and understanding expand like a tree whose trunk gets thicker and taller while new buds grow into branches.

One of the hallmarks of STEM education is its interdisciplinary approach to instruction.  Solving problems in the real-world requires people to integrate knowledge drawn from different content areas.  Many of the lessons and activities in the Content Library reinforce concepts from core subject areas like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, and physics.  We also identify relevant connections to non-technical subject areas such as language arts and the social sciences.

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Instructor-Led Virtual Courses

Patterned after our after school programs, our instructor-led virtual courses are hands-on and interactive.  Each course meets once per week and generally runs for 6-8 weeks.  Each focuses on a single theme or topic from computer science, electrical engineering, or robotics.  Participants have real-time access to the instructor to ask questions or get additional explanations.  Classes are recorded and made available to those who might be unable to attend a specific session.

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