Best STEM Gifts for Kids

Nov 30, 2022


STEM toys, activities, and books offer kids opportunities for building creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Whether it's a subscription to online coding classes or an electronics kit, these gifts will ensure the kids in your life not only have fun and play but also learn and build valuable skills. We’ve gathered the best STEM gifts perfect for giving this holiday season. 


STEM children’s books

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Hello Ruby is a children’s picture book that details important computer programming concepts along with activities to reinforce the concepts. This book helps teach kids to break big problems into smaller ones, recognize patterns, create step-by-step plans, and think creatively. It’s the perfect gift for elementary-aged kids. This book is featured in the next item on the list.                   

Subscription to online coding classes

Excalibur STEM’s Content Library & Content Library Jr

Sign up for a subscription to online coding and electronics classes. This subscription includes hundreds of self-paced video lessons and activities to help introduce your child to coding and electronics. Give the gift of STEM this holiday season with a subscription to Excalibur STEM’s Content Library and Content Library Jr.  


Electronics kits

Elegoo Mega 2560 Starter Kit

This starter electronics kit is a good starter kit for anyone interested in electronics. The kit is compatible with Arduino IDE Mega making it versatile for many different projects. This kit can be used to complete the projects in the Excalibur STEM Content Library.

Snap Circuits MyHome Plus 

This electronics kit helps kids understand how power gets to your home, how power travels inside the walls, what happens when you turn on a light, and what fuses, breakers and circuits are. The fun projects and activities illustrate the fundamentals of electricity and circuits, helping kids understand how things work.  

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