National STEM Day 2022

Nov 08, 2022

National STEM Day

November 8 is National STEM Day! It was started in 2015 by MGA Entertainment to inspire kids to explore and pursue interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. November 8 was chosen because it can be abbreviated to “NOV8” which can be sounded out as “innovate.”  

STEM fields are the fastest growing sectors of the job market, yet few American students choose these majors or fields. Many organizations and companies have stepped up to the challenge of engaging kids in these fields. At Excalibur STEM, it is our mission to help students understand and be able to engage in the “T” and “E” in STEM to better set them up for success. We join these organizations in celebrating National STEM day. 

Ways to Celebrate 

Engaging kids in STEM not only develops technical skills they will use in STEM fields, but also skills such as perseverance, problem-solving, and communication that they will use in all areas of life. There are many opportunities to get students interested in STEM and we share just a few here.

  • Project-based learning: Encourage their interests with project-based learning. Kids enjoy working on projects that explore real-life problems with everyday solutions. The modules in the Excalibur STEM Content Library and Content Library Jr. use project-based learning to help kids understand and learn the fundamentals of computer programming and electrical engineering. 
  • Include the Arts: STEM learning includes many opportunities for incorporating the arts. Music and design play an integral role in STEM and kids benefit from seeing and experiencing the interplay of both. Learn more about how we incorporate the arts in STEM in the Content Library Jr with the “Play me a song” module. 
  • Encourage hands-on exploration:  Allow students to tinker with various elements to encourage their creativity and develop engineering skills. Kids can explore electrical circuits with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. Many of the modules in the Content Library have students build circuits either virtually using Tinkercad or hands-on using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. 


Get your student involved with STEM by signing up for the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy Content Library and Content Library Jr. Kids as young as 3rd grade can begin their journey with STEM through the activities and lessons found in the modules. While national STEM day is celebrated on November 8, students benefit from regular exposure and practice with STEM, making any day a perfect day for STEM. 

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