National Coding Week 2022

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National coding week is taking place September 19–25, 2022! We’d like to encourage you to participate and will share more about how to do so in this blog. 


What is National Coding Week?

National Coding Week began in 2014 in the UK. It was started by educator Richard Rolfe and tech entrepreneur Jordan Love. The two kicked off the initiative from the top of a double-decker bus because they saw a need to provide parents and teachers with resources and tools to teach kids computer programming. With educators better equipped to teach coding, students have a much better opportunity to learn. Rolfe teamed up with his ex-pupil Jordan to launch National Coding Week and set up training initiatives for adults, including teachers, parents, and business leaders.


Why should we teach kids to code?

Coding is an increasingly important skill with many 21st Century jobs requiring knowledge of computers and how they work. Learning how to code also helps boost students’ academic performance, as it helps them to gain confidence and problem-solving skills in math and other STEM subjects. Plus, it allows them to plan and organize thoughts, which is helpful for writing and reading comprehension. 

The benefits of coding aren’t limited to just children either. Coding can help people of all ages develop:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Confidence in their abilities and potential
  • Resilience


This year’s theme:

Learning new digital skills is going to help you, help others and help society! 

Coding and computer science are about solving problems and creating solutions that help make life and work easier. With knowledge of how to code a computer, you can build games to entertain, build software that makes people's jobs easier, or create life-saving technologies for people who have illnesses and diseases. These are just a few examples, there are many many applications. 


How to get involved with National Coding Week

  • Take an online course to help you learn basic coding skills. Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy offers online access to its courses via a subscription. With the newly added Content Library Jr., these courses are appropriate for children as young as 3rd grade through high school. 
  • Join a coding club or community where you can participate in group projects and coding challenges, learn from experienced computer programmers, and share your successes. 
  • Learn about pioneering computer scientists, such as Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace whose work paved the way for future computer programmers. 
  • Participate in a coding challenge and share your work on Instagram @nationalcodingweek and on Twitter @codingweek with the hashtag #nationalcodingweek

The idea behind National Coding Week is to get kids interested in learning to code. Use the momentum of this week’s events to catapult your child’s coding journey. 

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